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cancer. To extend the preservation of meat products, producers add nitrate to prevent decay and botulinus. But▓ when nitrate meets organic acid, it can turn into nitrosamine, a carcinogen. Soy milk and egg Soy milk contains nutrition including veg▓etable proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins ▓and minerals. If drunk by itself, it is ve▓ry

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nourishing. However, if taken together with eggs, it can reduce the activity of protease, which hel▓ps the body assimilate protein. Eggs are, of course, very rich in protein. Various countries coping▓ with the food cris

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isDuring the food summit,▓ people in the world's most populated Arab country Egypt are complaining about high f▓ood prices. And Latin American countries are taking various measures to cope with rising prices. Egypt is dependent▓ on imported food and h

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as been wracked by social unrest as many people struggle with stagnant wages and high inflation.Mohamed Farouk, Cairo resident, said, "Before, with ten Egyptian pounds, about 1.87 US dollars you could get a bottle of oil and one kilo of sugar but now

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it does not even buy one bottle of oil."Egyptian officials▓ also warn about the consequences of the country's increasing population. They say the co▓untry should use new methods of agriculture, re-cult▓ivate more land to increase crop production.Peop

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le in Peru are encouraged to eat more potatoe▓s, since it's cheaper than wheat and corn. And the government will carry out

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a programme, which will provide financial aid to potato farmers to h


em to deal with the ris▓ing price of fertilizers and low potato prices.The


▓n government plans to give small cash subsidies to 26 million poor Mexicans to compensate for rising food pr


.Brazil is one of the world's largest e▓xporter of bio-fuels. Many countries blame Brazil's

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